The Pain of Shopping for Bathing Suits

Although some people find wearing a bathing suit difficult, the pain actually begins in the store. My mother was recently bemoaning the harsh lighting and unforgiving three-way mirrors in the changing rooms to her friend.

“If those store owners had any feelings, they would supply us with Kleenex”, she sighed. “Kleenex!?” Her friend Maggie grunted, “They should offer us grief counselors!”

Okay, so I’m exaggerating a bit. But the truth is, no one – least of all you – is wowed by your un-suntanned and un-waxed body, as you squeeze yourself into the size you hope to be by summer. Even if you can tuck your underwear into the bathing suit without creating too much of a bulge, the fleece socks you’re still wearing are guaranteed to make sure you look ridiculous. Also, you’re a bit faint from sucking in your stomach since the purchasing usually takes place in the grey months before summer, when you are still carrying some winter weight.

Men, there is nothing you can say to your women. My sister’s sweet boyfriend made the mistake of telling her she was beautiful when she emerged sniffling from a changing room at a women’s designer clothing store. She replied by removing a flip-flop from a nearby sales rack and throwing it at his head.

Certainly, shopping for bathing suits can be traumatic at any age. When shopping for bathing suits, the key is to buy the look that suits your body. Trends are great, but you can look beautiful, current and be comfortable at the same time. It is possible!

Here are some helpful hints:

If you have a small chest, try a top with a little push-in built in (just like a bra). String bikini tops are great, as the tiny straps give the illusion of a larger bust. Small patterns also work well.

If you’re short, try wearing high cut bottoms. This gives the illusion of a longer leg.

If you want to hide a bit more skin, try out a tankini. It’s a bikini, but the top looks more like a tank top. A black tankini can hide unwanted excess skin around the tummy.
There is also nothing wrong with a one piece bathing suit. One pieces can offer some more tummy coverage while giving the woman over fifty some classy sexiness.

If you’ve got larger hips, you can try a swim skirt bikini, which gives some extra coverage on the bottom.

If you still want a bit more coverage, try wearing a sarong, or board shorts. Both are light options, and they dry easily if you get them wet.

Remember, the most important part of looking good in a bathing suit is feeling comfortable!

*The Pain of Shopping for Bathing Suits was first published in Westmount Living Magazine, June 2007.

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