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Like so many other Tamakwans around the world, my heart is in Toronto today. I'm thinking about the man who shaped my childhood in so many ways; thinking about him ...
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The dynamic duo

When my sister got pregnant, my dad shrugged and said something to the effect of "Cool. I'm glad you're happy, but don't expect me to be overly engaged." Cut to ...
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Remembering Rabbi Ron Aigen

I am not a religious person. Unless someone I love is celebrating some great life milestone, you will not find me in a synagogue. And yet, I had a deep ...
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So You Want to Move to Canada, Eh?

While Trump is no laughing matter, moving to Canada has become a hotly googled topic and oft hilarious punchline. Ellen DeGeneres got an exclusive statement on the issue from the ...
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Yidlife Crisis hits on Mayim Bialik

My boys Jamie and Eli do their best to impress Mayim Bialik in this hilarious new video from Yidlife Crisis. Fun fact: I went to school with these guys, and ...
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Canada for President: Video

Well, this is a great idea. Except for all the ways that it's the worst idea. We'd abolish guns and make healthcare free, but we'd also likely get invaded by ...
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